I Had Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain From ShopHERE

by Morgan Baker   |   July 31, 2020   |   Share this:  

Really Organized Now, or RON, is a professional organizing service supporting Toronto and the GTA. “We believe that everyone could benefit from being really organized in their daily lives, particularly women who work in and out of the home environment and are challenged by the management of their chaotic spaces, hectic schedules and overwhelming obligations,” says RON founder, Rose Nixon aka The Declutter Coach. RON offers mindful solutions that create clarity, functionality and overall well-being. This can be achieved and supported by changing habits, establishing routines, curating storage spaces, implementing simplicity and practicing gratitude. RON offers their clients the tools, resources, and support to make them Really Organized Now.

“I grew up in an organized home. Cleanliness and order was an integrated part of how we lived.  My mom worked in hospitality most of her life and the many principles of basic housekeeping, multi-management and service was something that was in daily practice in and out of the home. I did not realize it at the time, but it was all part of why organization came naturally to me. I grew up liberally but with scheduled chores, daily upkeep and simple domesticated habits that guided and framed how I approached everything. Caveat – I was a notorious procrastinator. I was often late for school, leaving assignments and projects till the last moment, then cramming to complete. But as I got older and became a mother, I realized that if I was going to make this mommyhood work, I would need to adhere to a process and a schedule as well as develop better habits, so I would not lose my mind or fall short in caring for my children, family and home all while working a 9 to 5.”

Nixon’s upbringing, life experience and corporate career in administration, human resources, and payroll management helped her develop the required skills to offer an organizational, habit-building solution for common, household challenges. Her inspiration was initially driven by her experience as a busy, multi-tasking and multi-talented mother with a desire to serve others like her, but grew into a platform to serve people at home, at work, in small and specific spaces. She also supports developing organizational habits to serve all aspects of one’s life.

Prior to COVID-19, RON relied primarily on in-person referrals and onsite services in customer's homes and offices. They did not have a brick and mortar location, or a website. “It's the nature of professional organizing to conduct business in-person, face-to-face. That became impossible in recent months during the lockdown. There was a lot of buzz around the brick and mortar business having to close due to COVID-19 and thoughts of how that was going to impact my business which was not a brick and mortar grew louder in my ear. I saw the scurry for many businesses to quickly adapt their business models to include online products and services. Although I rely heavily on personal interactions, consultations and sessions, I realized that I too needed ‘to get with it’. Being offline was no longer an option now and in the future. So, when I heard the announcement about the ShopHERE program I immediately looked it up and applied. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by having this type of specialized assistance and getting ShopHERE was FREE.”

In the ShopHERE Powered By Google Program, Nixon was partnered with a Helper who aided her in building a website through Shopify. Within a matter of weeks, RON had a beautiful online presence that not only provided a basis for customers to learn about RON and their services, but purchase these services directly from the website. Nixon even developed a virtual service offering consults and coaching for clients who need help purging, sorting, decluttering, reorganizing, and productivity through Zoom!

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Now that RON is online, Nixon says she has a fantastic opportunity to expand the scope of her business operations. “I can now reach more people without limitations to just the GTA. I now have the opportunity to strengthen the quality of service to my clients by being more accessible for scheduling and information.” Having a website for your business is valuable during the best of times, but never more so than during the global shut down resulting from COVID-19.

“Other businesses should use ShopHERE because most businesses going forward are going to need an online component to their business model if they are going to thrive and prepare for an unforeseen crisis like COVID-19.  ShopHERE has been very fluent in its process and it was very quick to activate. Their team of Solution Leads are very knowledgeable, skilled and patient. I found my interactions to be positive. The fact that the program is currently offered without cost to the small business is super helpful.”

Book Really Organized Now’s organization services here, and find out if your small business is eligible for the ShopHERE Program here!

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