This Canadian-Jordanian Jewelry Designer Is A Female Entrepreneur You Need to Know

by Alexandra Jones   |   July 31, 2020   |   Share this:  

Inamullumani’s founder Luma Awad is an entrepreneur who strives to empower women through her love for and dedication to fine art in all forms. Following her upbringing in Amman, Jordan, Luma moved with her husband and family to Athens, Greece, and later settled in Ontario, Canada. Luma attributes her creative inspiration to her heritage, culture, and travels; all of which she’s observed in the magic of the Jordanian deserts, the colours of the Mediterranean Sea, and the beautiful souls she met during her adventures. While Inamullumani had very humble beginnings, Luma’s collection has been showcased at international exhibitions, granting her a 2019 Canadian award from the Universal Women's Network called ‘Women of Inspiration’ for the category ‘cultural ambassador’. 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Inamullumani
Inamullumani owner Luma in Athens, Greece

Needless to say, Luma’s drive and dedication to her craft is evident, but like many business owners operating in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting new customers is harder than ever. While many entrepreneurs know that taking their businesses online is a solution to helping keep their clientele, the work associated with going digital can often become overwhelming or disincentivizing. “It was a step I always pushed away as I never felt comfortable doing it on my own” Luma said. But that was before the ShopHERE program. 

“This program is a godsend for small businesses and artists” stated Luma when prompted with her thoughts on ShopHERE. “Being a creative, this whole digital world seems very challenging, but the help and support I got from this program really gave me great insight into how Shopify works and made everything possible.”

Luma also found that having her store online made it easy to connect with clients all over the world, a feature that helps her maintain connections with a following that extends beyond the Canadian border. Luma’s collections range from products reminiscent of corals and shells under the sea, to the Jasmine flower trees that she had in her garden as a child growing up. Importantly, with the power of e-commerce she can share these creations easily and with pride.

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Inamullumani
Luma wearing one of her favourite pieces

After her completion of the ShopHERE program, Luma provided some insight for other businesses and artists struggling as a result of COVID-19: 

“Business should adapt to the new normal, having said that, all businesses, and especially artists who used to depend on events should have a presence online and should try to be creative in what they offer to their clients. We need creatives to spread positivity and the only way to see their work nowadays is online.” 

So, take it from an accomplished creative: stay online and stay in touch. It’s important now more than ever to support small or local businesses, so if you or someone you know is interested in getting started, check out the ShopHERE Program for more information. Also, be sure to check out Luma’s store here, and grab your very own unique piece today.

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