ShopHERE Program Is The “Best Thing That Happened To Launching The Business”

by Morgan Baker   |   July 29, 2020   |   Share this:  

COVID-19 has had an almost immeasurable impact on Canadian small businesses. With unexpected, long term brick & mortar store closures, these small businesses needed to suddenly pivot and refocus on an online market.

>Businesses with a pre-existing online presence needed to ramp up their marketing game and drive traffic to their website, but what about the businesses that were not yet online?

Heidi Kwon and the HKR Solutions Team recognized the increasing demand for personal protective equipment needed for everyday life in Toronto, Ontario. They saw the importance of offering worry-free sanitation solutions that would protect people, and the value in sourcing the products locally within Canada and in giving back to their community. Turbulent times gave rise to HKR Solutions, but also created the challenge of how to reach the market.

“Hygiene solutions for everyday purposes are needed now more than ever and we are here to make this happen. We all need to do our part with social distancing, but this does become harder once everything reopens” says Heidi. HKR Solutions has developed a ‘Ready N’ Go PPE Kit' to protect yourself and others. The kit includes two pairs of gloves, two 3-ply masks, a 59ml bottle of hand sanitizer, and four alcohol wipes. The products are sourced in Canada, and HKR Solutions makes it part of their mission to give back to local charities. Having a product like this available, their customers are offered a simple solution to ensure they always have appropriate PPE available; improving individual and public safety. Keep a “Ready N’ Go PPE Kit’ in your purse or backpack, keep one in the car, keep one by the front door, and you’re ready for anything!

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, HKR Solutions
HKR's Ready N' Go PPR package

The HKR Solutions Team was ready to start their business, but was worried about the technical side of selling their products. “I would probably have given up building my own website if I was to do it on my own, but getting help from the ShopHERE Program was simply the best thing that happened to launching the business.”

In the ShopHERE Powered By Google Program, Heidi was partnered with a Helper who created a Shopify e-commerce website for HKR Solutions. Within a matter of weeks, HKR Solutions website was live and ready to process sales, offering the HKR Solutions’ creative PPE solution to the public at the click of a button. “The whole experience was amazing from the beginning to the end and the helper was professional and extremely knowledgeable. Because of this great program, I was able to launch the business and the website quickly.

There is a lot of work involved even before getting the business kick-started. There is investment going into the business before generating any revenue, which was a nerve wracking and stressful process. However, having the ShopHERE Program to help a small start up business made this process a lot easier and doable.” You can shop HKR Solutions Canadian sourced products on their website at the link here, and find out if your small business is eligible for the ShopHERE Program at the link here!

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