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Digital Main Street Portal is proud to offer its members a wide range of digital vendors who look forward to working with small businesses and helping them become digital-ready.

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What is Digital Main Street?

How can Digital Main Street Help Me?

Is there any cost associated with Digital Main Street?

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Can I Trust the Vendors on Digital Main Street?

How do I access my DMS account?

What does “Digital Onboarding” mean?

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What kind of service does the Digital Service Squad provide?



Digital Main Street is a program and service that helps main street businesses achieve digital transformation. The program is built around an online learning platform, structured training programs, and our Digital Service Squad, a team of highly trained recent graduates who help main street businesses grow and manage their business through the adoption of digital tools and technology.

Digital Main Street was created by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) with direct support from the City of Toronto. Digital Main Street is also supported by a group of strategic corporate sponsors, including Google, MasterCard, Rogers, Microsoft and Shopify.


By joining Digital Main Street and completing the onboarding process, you receive a free Digital Assessment and recommended to-do list that identifies technologies and tools that can help your business meet their digital goals. Along with this, you also receive exclusive discounts from all digital vendors as part of the DMS community.

Along with the Digital Assessment, you also have the opportunity to work with our highly trained team of recent graduates and students – the Digital Service Squad. The Digital Service Squad can work with you in your store to activate free and easy to use tools, while also providing recommendations for other technologies. To learn more, please visit the Digital Service Squad page.

The Digital Main Street Academy is a collection of events, how to guides, and tools you can access to help you with your Digital Transformation. Please visit our events page to see upcoming events.


There is absolutely no cost to join Digital Main Street and receive your free Digital Assessment. If you choose to activate a tool or service from one of our partners or vendors, then there may be a cost associated with this activation. But often there is a special price or free trial period for businesses using Digital Main Street.


For general inquiries, please email and someone will respond to you within 48 hours.

Stay connected with us on social media as well:


All vendors onboard the Digital Main Street platform are vetted before being added to the directory, and able to help you achieve your businesses digital goals.

Digital Main Street does not however, vouch for any of their work in terms of quality, price or any other part. Our vendor directory exists solely to connect main street businesses to local vendors that operate in the space they are searching for. Any connection with a vendor from the directory is done at the sole discretion of the business owner. 


If you have any issues with a vendor, please contact us directly at

How To Use

To access your DMS account, please visit and click “Login”. If you have forgotten your password, please visit here to have your password reset.

How To Use

Digital onboarding is when you create an account on Digital Main Street and go through the Digital Assessment. By doing the Digital Assessment, you will receive your free Digital Roadmap complete with recommendations and deals from all of our preferred vendors to help you with your Digital Transformation.

How To Use

No – all of your data will be kept private unless you choose to opt in and receive communication from specific partners.

How To Use

The primary role of the Digital Service Squad (DSS) is to help you on-board to the Digital Main Street platform and assess your digital needs. The DSS can also help you gain a basic web presence, or enhance your existing web presence by helping you activate easy-to-use tools such as Google My Business, social media, or setting-up a free trial of an ecommerce shop (through Shopify). The DSS can also provide some guidance, resources and recommendations on how businesses can progress digitally. The DSS is focused on assisting your businesses with their digital goals.

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